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This is a horror visual novel! It deals with dark themes and features the following:

  • Emotional abuse and manipulation
  • Body horror imagery of non-human characters
  • Murder / Violence

For a long time now, Dahlia has lived by herself in the Dollhouse with only the stuffed rabbit Wisker for company. One day the owner of the toys decides to present her with a new companion, a sad clown puppet named Huxley. She's delighted for the company but, as the owner soon realizes, it's not so simple to introduce a new friend to the household.

What happens when you play favorites? Are you really in control of the Dollhouse? Or are the toys about to get out of hand?

  • A 15.5k word story
  • Two branching routes with two endings each
  • 10 CGs to collect, with variations of each
  • A mix of meaningful and flavor choices for varied experiences with the story

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donttoywithme- 1.1-win.zip 163 MB
donttoywithme-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 153 MB
donttoywithme-1.1-mac.zip 146 MB
kp.donttoywithme-release.apk 168 MB

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I love their leaning-back poses, what little drama queens.

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I liked Huxley so much I made him a Spotify playlist 馃挅 

(I'm not kidding though I wish I was 馃ゲ it's wip rn)

I'm planning on making one for Dahlia but that's gonna be after


It was really neat and I liked all of the characters a lot. It's also cool that you can get a completely different perspective on them both by playing both routes. Only problem was that when playing on android, a lot of the text in Dahlia's diary is cut off. 

OMG this was so good!!!

also I only finished 2/4 of the endings and it was already dark 馃拃

but yeah this was a good visual novel!

I first watched ManlyBadassHero play this game and I decided to play it myself and I really enjoyed it.

Great Game! :)


BRO theres no happy ending

this is the first game I played on this website. I love this so much

One problem this opens when I played the game

THIS IS NOW MY FAVORITE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i wasn't expecting the story to turn the way it did in either playthrough route! i appreciate that both story lines are so individual and it's not just a few flavor text differences. playing both endings really gave a full scope of the situation, this was a treat! (:


A very, very wonderful game. I am excited for an upcoming game. I hope you continue to put these games. The ideas are very distinctive. What is your next game, anyway?

I loved it, played it and got all the endings, I LOVED Huxley for my reasons... But not gonna lie, I wish there was a version where you can also be a toy, like still their 'God' but in toy form. But either way I loved the game, maybe too much but if anyone is searching through the comments to see whether they should play it or not, 10/10 you should definitely play it


Also, for some odd reason even though the players is technically gender neutral they (the player) makes me feel they're more masculine than they are ambiguous

(Not sure if that's the correct term, feel free to correct me)


God syndrom? :)

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Heartbreaking. Breathtaking. Really, really good. Huxley is so immediately lovable. Dahlia telling the heartless owner she loves them makes me wanna cry. The characters are given so much depth in such a short time, and the knife-twisty horror and tragedy is equal parts shocking and inevitable. 

This is a deeply cruel game, both to the player and the characters. It's absolutely, elegantly merciless in the best way.

Very, very good
It Is rare for me to invest money in a game, this one though, totally worth it


This game is just really well designed-- artistically, mechanically, and thematically. The visuals really pop and suit the story. They are also lovely to look at, even rending of the gruesome ending CGs. The POV used of being a cold being literally looking in on everything was really darn clever and interesting. I like how the tension builds starting with Dahlia's patchy memory and escalating from there. That each path has a mobility aid being violently destroyed works excellently with the intense but bloodless violence. Also Wisker is best toy.


It touches my Megalomania and God complex So right in the place, I am enjoying this game in Wrong way...

Deleted 268 days ago

Cool game, great artwork. Would be cool if you made a sequel to this game or expand on the world more. I am planning on modding the game to have a happy ending or more tragic endings.  No way I can make the cut scenes like in the cannon game but I always wonder if their what a good ending would look like for this or a bad ending from a cruel toy maker.

I need French version

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Me and a friend are actually working on one!

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I recently played Blood & Sherry and really enjoyed the art and story! So it was no surprise that this game was just as good :D 

I really liked the interactions between all the characters. Very good drama~ I don't regret sticking with the silly clown voice 馃槀. Above all else, I just need Wisker to be happy 馃ゲ

I'll be coming out with a part 2 exploring the other route :3

Here's part 2! :D

Peen out for ******. I would love to see their stories expanded on.


I fell in love with this game immediately. I'd love to see maybe a prequel to this to explore Dahlia and Huxley's backstories :D


This game is so criminally underrated. I love this game so much. Huxley the beloved.


toy story gone wrong 馃拃


this game is so cool! It鈥檚 so incredibly artistic and so heartbreaking! Beautiful storytelling techniques, truly a terrifying psychological/body horror. The characters are so cute!!!! I do really hope they get a good ending soon, or at least one where they get along well. Ngl, before the argument and such, I kinda thought Dahlia and Huxley would make a cute couple! 


Honestly one of the few VNs worth looking into.

I really hope we see a sequel from this someday, one of the endings getting canonised and picked up into a whole new chapter would be wonderful. There's definitely room for this to grow.



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Voice Acting Let's Play:

WHY?! I could make them get along if I tried hard enough as their owner. 馃樋

But NO!! Why would I do that?! I'm sure the owner sleeps at night with a clear conscience holding their children's broken bodies. 

Real talk though while I was editing I started coming up with a theory that the owner is trapping the souls of the 30 people that crashed in the middle of nowhere into the dolls. Because I couldn't find the reason for that joke I'm fully convinced or I edited too much and am now going insane. 

If so then Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 馃憤

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I am modding this for fun using Renpy. I suppose if I learn more about how to do this, then I could mode a happy ending. The language is way more simple then C++ or java. The only thing will be making new art work.   Pretty cool story.

Huh I got ending 26 first time playing, I hope there's a happy ending for Huxley, Wisker, and even Dalilah, good game so far

Got 2b! :D

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Huh 1b is sure interesting

WHAT THE HELL NOO HUXLEY!!!! (1a ending)


Was I the ONLY one who noticed a file in this game labeled, "huxley route"?


Ueah, the minute I opened the com.zip folder, there was a worded file labeled huxleyroute.

Great game 8/10 wish it was longer.

Actually, if you seperated the game into 3 pieces like "start over and over again" It would be better.

1st start: dollmaker exist but we cant control actions we only watch Dahlia's past into our time but at the end she hangs herself because of loneliness 

2nd: Start: basically current game but with more options like  at one of the ends we forgot to check the doll house for a long time.Dahlia cooperates with huxley and they try to kill us or escape from dollhouse 

3rd: we start the story from the middle. And in a diffrent universe. Where Dahlia and Huxley were already friends and dont know who is the dollmaker.We play as the dollmaker to reach them 



Man, I hope these lil dudes get a happy ending!

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I adore this visual novel. I think it's a beautiful story combined with n absolutely gorgeous artstyle, forming a one-two punch that leads into the wonderful storytelling. Now, I'm an absolute sucker for clowns and dolls, so this game really stuck out to me when I saw it in the VN section. I just finished one of the endings about 15 minutes ago, so I want to give my fresh thoughts on it. 

Like I mentioned before, the artstyle of this game is a knockout, yall nailed the toy look, not to mention the fashion design for both Huxley and Dahlia is mwah mwah, fantastic. You nailed the dialogue for Huxley, witty and charming, his jokes are funny in a way that inspires how I want to be a clown. Dahlia is trifling at times, but in a way that you can understand why and what led to these emotions. Her motivations are clear and well-written. I feel like there's a lot of history in Dahlia, and I hope to see more of it explored as I finish the rest of the endings. I can almost see Huxley's history written on his character, and it's phenomenal. You really crafted characters like an artisan toymaker. There was a lot of very well written dialogue throughout the story, especially in some of the monologues, and some of the scenes with Dahlia almost made me cry. It's a good thing I didn't play this game when I was younger, because with this and Toy Story, I think I would have been too scared to own any toys.  

All in all, you nailed the dollhouse aesthetic perfectly, with great writing, great art, and lovely characters. I hope to see much more from you real soon!

Loved this!! Only wish it was longer so I could play more of it!


I felt such a strong attachment to Dahlia. I wanted so bad to tell her that I love her back, maybe then things would have worked out better. MC is cruel and detached.

Also, I learned that I adore this setting and I wish there was more like it.

Huxley is sooooo cute xD


shame is short but you should do a physical book version like same images but something fun to read as the art is very well done

After okaying this lovely game i decided to make myself a rl Huxly(Cause why not,plue i love clowns so this is a win win for me)

I loved this game, it has a very beautiful art and is very well written. Surprised me a lot, I hope you make more games.


This game is so well written! It's incredible, with how short it is, how well realized the characters really are. In your time with them they're rlly fleshed out in a way that makes it clear the author understands what makes them tick very well, and not only that, but the way the characters interact with each other shows they're capable of a similar understanding too.

This feels like a story about three broken people each trying to "fix" the others in their own way, and all of the main characters' flaws and worldviews shine through so well in every little moment the game peels back the facade of their toy house. The fact I felt so strongly for all of them, tearing up multiple times, is a testament to how powerful the writing here is, especially coming together with the wonderful art to make these characters feel expressive and alive!

And at the end of the day, the game didn't feel gratuitous or mean about its violence or the characters' flaws at all. It felt earnest and like it was almost as kind as it COULD be, when telling such a sad story.

This was wonderful, thank you so much to karmic punishment for making it! Also oh god Wisker pls he's so tragic


Everyone in this game deserved better :( (not the person you play as though)

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side note; Huxley is hot


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