The Android Build Arrives!

The android update arrives! I'll keep the details on delays to my website blog (which will be found here, though isn't written yet at the time of posting this) but this update includes a few things!

Here's the rundown:

1. The major update, an android playable version is now available for download alongside the other versions.

Right now I have all of the builds listed, with the old builds labeled OLD to reduce confusion, but once I'm sure I haven't missed any major bugs and everything is working well for everyone, I'll hide these old versions of the game so the page isn't so cluttered.

2. All versions of the game have been updated with 5 new CGs.

I should note no additions have been made to the story yet. These are the CGs for the current endings in the game that were black screens before now. It only felt right that I include these with such an update. This isn't the Happy Ending update so don't get too excited! But feel free to Skip through the game to collect this new art if you've already played.

3. Small polish updates have been made to all versions of the game.

Black outlines have been added around text for better readability. NVL mode has had some small spacing adjustments to reduce big blocks of text. Custom icons and presplash loading screen art have been added. Made version names more clear and properly separated the Linux release instead of using the PC distribution build for it. Just little things, but hopefully things that make everything feel a little more put together.

As a quick aside, you may have also noticed this game is part of the Queer Games Bundle, as currently shown on the front page!

It's really exciting to open the site and see my game there! I'm not sure how bundles decide these things but I do definitely suspect it has to do with the existing success the game is had and I just want to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded and supported it.

My game is free but the Queer Games Bundle, both the full bundle and Pay What You Can Edition, are for supporting queer devs and helping them continue to create. The proceeds will be split between everyone in the bundle who opted in and I encourage you to check out what's on offer from many other cool devs.

But back to the devlog!

The big update to add one final route to the game is next on my list to work on so stay tuned, but know it won't be coming fast since I'll be hopping back and forth between this and my other project. As usual you can follow my vn dev twitter if you'd like to keep up to date with what I'm working on and give feedback on WIP projects! I hope everyone enjoys this new update!



donttoywithme- 163 MB
Jun 09, 2022
donttoywithme-1.1-linux.tar.bz2 153 MB
Jun 09, 2022 146 MB
Jun 09, 2022
kp.donttoywithme-release.apk 168 MB
Jun 09, 2022

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Love the new CG's, excited to hear about a future route!

Also oddly satisfying to see exactly how big the dolls are supposed to be... a weird statement given the dollhouse is right there on the splash screen, but what can I say, I'm weird that way.  ("So, an X-Acto blade is about this long... a chef's knife is about this long... let's say Dahlia is proportionate to an average adult woman.. I am terrible at math, why must I do this?")