This VN was made in a little under a week last year using TyranoBuilder. Given it's about a character of mine without further context around who he is, I originally didn't release it since I wasn't sure if it had any value to people who didn't know my characters. But I've decided to release it to the public since it is at least a completed project.

This game is a short one-scene encounter with your new milkman with various ways to go about approaching him. There are a total of four endings, each with an icon on the menu screen to unlock once you've found it.

Content Warnings: References to unhealthy relationships, many suggestive jokes, and one ending does have some psychological horror elements to it

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(90 total ratings)
AuthorKarmic Punishment
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsMultiple Endings, Short, TyranoBuilder


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Finally, I am    C O M P L E T E

how do you open the game? i'm really confused 🥲

when i tried opening it, it came out as a text file

wait wait nvm

how'd you open it?  I've been having this problem with so many games lately

i searched up a rar to zip converter (this is the one i used)

Thank you!


more than anything, I feel bad for this guy… great game, the art is superb!

The Rotten Milk ending really made me feel the worst disgust I have ever felt while playing a VN. 

Like I love the game, it really is great, I loved Koolie, but that one ending made me feel the disgust I never knew I had for him until I got that ending. My boi needs to go get some therapy even if he might probably get arrested maybe.

After this I don't think I'll ever be thinking about flirting with a milkman again.

I feel like the story isn't done, it just seems like there's something unfinished have you ever considered maybe making an extended version or I don't know what you would call it.


I got the good ending... I don't want to make him feel bad but I am so curious to know the other endings... AAAAAH :(

I will just watch other people playing uwu

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Aww, I got the Good End first. He's so sweet with the cookies. Tbh, I'm reluctant to seduce him as he already have a "wife" but ngh, the CG is so good. I like the four ending. Though, the last one is..... XD. I love the art. Too bad it was short TT


I love Koolie!! I want to know more about him!! Would love to see another game or extended version. Can't get enough of him <3 


is it alr to make a game of this its a very interesting game.


this man was almost gonna use black magic on us :


I know this man did not just rip out his hair smh

It's a funky game, i like it!


Never did I think the words "special delivery" could sound so sinister and unsexy.




got all the endings, I LOVE HIMMM AND THIS GAME <3

played this on stream a few days ago, just want to say that i really loved this character design and the comedic timing/writing. truly a really special little game!!!

It keeps bugging but i still like it 

how to get milk and cookies ending?


Pink, pink, pink, white, pink, pink

wow this game is really good , I loved all the endings and it had me wanting more. 10 out of 10 for sure 😁


Never have I ever feared drinking milk again and this was amazing! I liked how the flirting part was the most embarrassing thing to witness all day on stream XD

Never would I ever to joke about someone's hair with milk ever again-I learned my lesson. I was legit struggling to get all endings and manage to get them in my stream today TvT


I just want to live out my fantasy of being a 1950s housewife and have a relationship with the milkman, Is that so wrong?


With all the questionable things I've attempted to shag, flirting with the milk man just seems like a Saturday morning to me 😂

Tentador Leches was a fun game to go through with plentiful emotional roller coasters for all to enjoy. I didn't know it was possible for a game to be wholesome, absurd, flirty, and mildly horrifying at the same time, but here we are!

I'm so glad you've decided to put this out there, cos this game was such a treat.


me, first seeing this game in a tiktok: "hm i wonder what the 'hair milk' they mentioned was about"

me getting the rotten ending: "o h."

hes adorble i love him sm even though the rotten ending was weird

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nah i shit my pants at the rotten ending plsssss

Oh my i was legit jump scared on the Rotten Milk route


Oh Great I'm now in love with a cute milkman, thaaaanks,

this is a joke, but loving him is not, hes just so cute!!


OMG! I loved the game and the character design, I'm in love and I need more of this game, I hope it grows more and serves more endings!: D

Awesome Story with Unique Endings!!!!



how do i get just peachy?


go through the seduction route, but at the very end you need to back down instead of saying "I just need to become your wife" or something close to that and you should get it.


is there a zip Dowland for this? My laptop won't run it q.q

Ahh sorry to hear that! And there is a Windows zip in the Download button! If you're running on a different system, I'm afraid I don't have a different way to play it. This one was made with TyranoBuilder, and unfortunately the Mac export feature was very faulty so I couldn't release that version.

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Here is my playthrough of your wonderful game! I hope you enjoy it!


This game was an absolute delight! Koolie is so endearing and I'd love to learn more about him and his..."situation". I'll have a playthrough of it up very soon! Thank you for making such a charming game!


He is so cute!

I love this game! I mean i didint expected him to be like that. He is super cute tho.

Question: How do I get the last ending? I have Spoiled Milk, Just Peachy and Milk and Cookies but I cant seem to get the last one :(

Hey there! The last ending is a little specific to get. You have to flirt with Koolie and then be rude to him about his wife.

Thanks for playing!


AAAA!! This game is so cute!! All the endings are so much fun and the game is just such an easy play <3 

Koolie definitely owns my heart now 

Thanks so much! I'm really happy you had fun haha.


this was fire 10/10 dont really know what the blood milk was about but yk if he wants to get jiggy that way he can

is there anywhere i can see more of ur oc he is FIRE

Thanks so much! And I don't currently have more media of Koolie but you can keep an eye out for him on my art twitter since that's where I post the most stuff!