This VN was made in a little under a week last year using TyranoBuilder. Given it's about a character of mine without further context around who he is, I originally didn't release it since I wasn't sure if it had any value to people who didn't know my characters. But I've decided to release it to the public since it is at least a completed project.

This game is a short one-scene encounter with your new milkman with various ways to go about approaching him. There are a total of four endings, each with an icon on the menu screen to unlock once you've found it.

Content Warnings: References to unhealthy relationships, many suggestive jokes, and one ending does have some psychological horror elements to it

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(294 total ratings)
AuthorKarmic Punishment
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsMultiple Endings, Short, TyranoBuilder


TentadorLeches.rar 51 MB


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I LOVE KOOLIE SO MUCH he's so sweet and dumb. i felt awful making him so uncomfortable to get the rotten milk ending. i honestly deserved to drink bloody milk.


we all gangster until you see him pull out his literal hair from his head


A Y O. Nice game though, hope there's more like this:)))




Based on his reactions about the questions of his wife, he seemed really just like.. a Yandere(A love-sick obsession to the point where that person would go far as to..), and by the words he said about his wife, yeah.. he definitely is one. Though what got me curious is that, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS W.I.F.E, "Venus"?, Did he actually kill her?, or just like.. is hiding something(he def is), and another thing, WHAT DID HE PUT INSIDE THE MILK.


i think its the hair he riped out



PART OF HIM?????? WHICH PART OF HIM???????? WTF??????????

Blood and Hair

love it but does a  confirmed story exist what really happened to his wife? i really want to know it

does anyone know if it is possible to download Koolie sprites somewhere? I want to make a video with him ╯︿╰


You can in Itch io looking for the folders inside game in settings and try get a sprites there, but im not sure about this


Trying so hard to get the horror ending, but I keep getting spoiled milk.


You just have to say that he is handsome in the first part, say his wife is awful, then say ask if he killed his wife, then you'll get the horror ending.

would be better if this game was for download offline. Needs work. 

Omg Koolie is such an interesting character! I really enjoyed playing through all the endings!

loved the game

Por el nombre del juego, creí que estaría en español. Que decepción me llevé... TT

me paso igual T_T


My favorite ending was the Milk and Cookies ending, the game is a 10/10!




I think Koolie is a yandere and is keeping his wife in the house and not letting her leave, which is why he just says that she's sick and why he speaks so highly of her


What if the reason he says she's sick  cuz his wife is dead and he's just keeping the body not wanting to get rid of it since he yandere and super obsessed with her


Wonder if they plan to make another series about mailman or something. That would bring drama to a series. Also yes the whole thing about him killing his wife would be another end where we see her grave or something. Just saying here

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THATS MY BEST FRIEND RIGHT THERE💯💯💯💯💯💯(I got the milk and cookies route first) IF KOOLIE HAS NO FANS, I AM DEAD


my sister is a fan cause koolie aint really my type

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junebug!!! u should check out hell trap VN ajajaj


I cant seem to find it

(+1)  here here ^^ u'll know why i recommend it once u play the visual novel HAHAH


yeah that is more like my speed its like you know my favorite types of games

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u are me


i thought he was gonna poison me lmao


Llego el lechero,,,llego gritando,,,llego cantando



I am the milkman. My milk is delicious.



intersting story ,pretty design, I love this game

I love this game! It was really funny but also fascinating and had me feeling really bad honestly and also had me on the edge of my seat. I love Koolie yayyyy <33333333333

Amei o jogo é bastante simples mas confesso que demorei pra conseguir todos os finais eu adoraria que  tivesse tradução mas isso não muda o fato de ser INCRÍVEL

At first it was fun, I liked all the endings, but the last one bothered me, it turned my stomach. 

Anyway, a pretty good story, it was fun and entertaining, I loved it.

10/10. So much fun!! The emotional range with this character is amazing. The horror ending made my jaw DROP and kept me on the edge of my seat, the seduction bit made me laugh and the good ending was so sweet.

I love this game and I love your OC. His dialogue is so believable and he's so easy to empathise with, while staying mysterious and ever-so-slightly off. Also I named myself Venus and I was so shocked when I shared a name with his wife lol.

I adore the people pleaser dialogue in the psychological horror ending. It is so gripping, so tense and so uniquly unsettling. Fantastic work.


Yippee, ill leave the steps to get every ending:
cookies and milk: Just be nice
peachy: start with the "are you going to give me your milk" option and the seduce him with the options; You're hot criminal, I wanna see shoe marks, (I dont remember this one but just try to be polite with the flirting) and I will have to see you in my dreams.
rotten milk: just pick the pink options
the bloody milk: be really rude and press about his wife


Thanks for the walkthrough! <3


i think you got it wrong for the rotten milk. either that or my game just will keep giving me the cookie ending for everything.


aw hell nah he did not put hair and blood into the damn milk and forced me to drink it-


Something tells me this is another type of milk, the hair is pubic and the blood is...well, too much effort

yeah probably-



Is there a way to have this in a zip file? this doesnt work/ i cant figure it out and i want his assets to draw




you can get the 'just peachy' ending by seducing him right and then saying you'll see him in your dreams.

Ya tengo todos los finales, el último me perturbo OnO 

Mi teoría es que él mato a su esposa (o se murio por su enfermedad) y ahora cuida su cadáver , la otra es que su esposa lo maltrata UnU

can i get a zip version please?


oddly the music doesnt seem to work


The way my jaw DROPPED at the 4th ending. absolutely an amazing game, I like how each ending is different and unique!!

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oh my god I liked the game itself! Besides, although he always smiled, but I like to see his reaction and his other emotions (I passed all 4 endings). And yes, I wish you success in your future work!


he's such a silly but is cute u.u


Wow I deluded myself so much thinking I would have a chance with Koolie...even though it was wrong because he's married LOL 

The "Rotten Milk" ending really made me sick, I could never drink that milk. The story of his toxic marriage also made me sad, poor Koolie deserves better. The game art is sooo beautiful and cute, I'm in love with it <3


Poor Koolie, I hope he gets a better wife someday


i hate being mean or grumpy to the characters in these even if its to get endings


Esta muy bueno el juego,¿pero alguien me puede decir coml se llama la musica,romantica?,esta muy buena y me comienzo a desacatar,jaja.😊😊😊❤🤔🤔😊😊🤣🤣🎶🎶🎶👍🏻🕺🏻💃🏻🍶

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